Thursday, July 22, 2010

a day devoted to doing NOTHING?!

After our hectic day yesterday(read about it here), we are going to just hang out and
I am promising NOT to do laundry, NOT to clean the house, and NOT to even get the boys out of their pj's! WOOHOOO!!! Here's hoping it's a success!
So, in honor of doing NOTHING today, I posted over at my other blog, Lets Move It Momma's, click my pic on the left to find out more!!


Tanyia said...

that sounds like a great idea! Enjoy your day!

alicia said...

good for you!! I think you've deserved the break!

Cassiopeia said...

Everyone needs a "stay in your jammies" day now and then. We used to pull the mattress into the living room and watch video series like Back to the Future or Star Wars. Kids loved it. Dog loved the picnics in the living room. Of course there was a lot of jumping on the mattress too!

anythingbutperfect said...

oh, I so love those types of days! hope you enjoy it! :)