Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas...a little early!

We celebrated with my husband's side of the family last night because they will all be going out of town.  We started at Gran's house(husband's grandma) and had a great time visiting with cousins!  We are very blessed to have SO much family that live close to us!  We all live within 15 minutes of one another, so it's pretty cool!

 Then it was time to head back home and see what DeDe, Pop and Aunt Paulette brought for under our tree!  Look at that pretty wrapping...Aunt Paulette NOT Mommy :(  Ha!

Axis Deer from Pop to hang in our camo/hunting bedroom!
 He's having DeDe help him out, because he's SO excited!

The Bass Pro Shops Ultimate Hunting Game for the Wii...Yay!

iPod Touch!  WooHoo!!!

and a cool case for it too!
 Monster Jam is all over our house and these boys gets SO excited to open another truck!  They have a very serious collection and they can tell you EVERY, SINGLE truck that they have AND don't have!
...more Monster Jam trucks!  
 And now Little you can see, he's ready to be a Rock Star!  He was opening too fast for me to capture all of the pictures, but I did snap a few...

 I've posted before that our boys are OBSESSED with riding Jake's four wheeler, so for Christmas...Santa mentioned how badly he'd like his own four-wheeler to DeDe, Pop and Aunt Paulette and they made it happen!  Yay!  I have a feeling they'll be riding these for HOURS...and HOURS!!!
his very ow four-wheeler!
I wish I had my video camera for his reaction to this gift!  He screamed over and over and jumped up and down!  His excitement had all of us laughing!  He kept circling the backyard on it and as he'd pass, he'd scream, "I like it"!  HILARIOUS!  He said, "I can't believe it, my own four wheeler from Santa...he brought it to me!" cute!!!  Thanks to DeDe, Pop and Aunt Paulette for spoiling these boys ROTTEN!


Mama Hen said...

Wow! That looks like a lot of fun and so many great presents! A little spoiling is a good thing! :) Hey, I did not get the last comment. Hope all is well! Have a great day my friend!

Mama Hen

Mama Hen said...

Merry Christmas my dear friend! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Mama Hen

Sara said...

The 4 wheeler is awesome...I bet he was one happy little boy!!

Merry Christmas!

TV's Take said...

Wow, I need to come have xmas at your house!
Looks like a ton of fun and the boys look sooo happy.
Merry Christmas!