Monday, March 26, 2012

Go Houston Rockets and MeMe too!!

We all experienced our very first NBA basketball game on Saturday when MeMe-my mom performed with her Jazzercise group and many others at the halftime show!  

 Houston Rockets VS. Dallas Mavericks
I kept looking for Khloe Kardashian Odom, but never found her :-(
 There's MeMe and all the Jazzercise ladies!  She's the third row up from the left, second lady in!
Justin kept screaming,"MeMe is shaking her booty!"
You can see the ladies in action HERE...and don't forget to turn it up!

Wow, those are some long arms Yao!

...Jake couldn't believe the b-ball players hand prints were SO big!

Mommy and her little NBA players!  
That behind us is a full court for the little was closed for halftime, but it was really neat to watch all of the kiddos in there playing hard!

...he was telling us he wanted his feet to be THAT big!!!

and there's Jake going for the jump shot, practicing his lay up!

The STAR of the show!  MeMe!!! We are proud of ya, MeMe!  
Great job dancing and having fun with your exercise group!


April Westerhold said...

What a fun night! I guess I never thought about the NBA arenas having fun, cool kids stuff to do like the baseball stadiums do. That is really neat that they have a whole basketball court to play for kids.

TV's Take said...

Your mom performed! How awesome is that. Congrats to hear and her work out buddies. Love the photos of the boys, actually I really really love their dimples. Such heartbreakers they'll be...

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

That is SO COOL that your mom and her jazzercise griends PERFORMED!! Love the pics too, what a cool time!

Becca said...

I found you via Take It From Me and the blog hop. What cute boys!

Annie said...

New follower from Welcome Wednesday blog hop! I'm a Rockets fan too :)
I would love follow back at

Sara said...

Great the outdoor pics of the boys!!