Tuesday, March 5, 2013

McClellen happenings!

...and just a little update on us!
Jake started baseball season and running club so things are getting busy but we're having fun! He LOVES running and keeps amazing us with the laps he completes each morning! He did over 3 miles today and little brother loves it too...he did over 2 miles after I told him to take it easy...guess he didn't listen :-( but I am still proud! Lol
We had to snap a picture of Jake and "Jacob Black" the other night at Best Buy since our boy was told twice in one day that they looked just alike! We hear it almost daily so we finally have proof...and at first I didn't think they did, and obviously I think my boy is MUCH more handsome :-) but the more you look at them, they do favor one another A LOT! Ha! If they do a prequel on Twilight, maybe they'll choose him to play his part!! Ha!

Our boys are growing too fast and life seems to go by so quickly, I tell myself to stop and take it all in OFTEN! Hope you do the same with your family!!
Our little man found his "heart whistle" the other day, turned up his iTouch as it played Flo Rida and he danced throughout the house singing dancing and DJing!


Anonymous said...

They do look so alike! I will now never look at Jacob Black the same!! Haha! Your boys are just too cute!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

They are too cute!