Wednesday, August 18, 2010

8-15-10 the day you started walking and you haven't stopped yet!!! You love to hold things while you walk around :) You are 15 months old and we were waiting for the day
that your little legs would get the hang of things and you'd LET GO!
Daddy was walking with you and all of a sudden, he let go and you KEPT GOING!!
The best part: Mommy, Daddy and Jacob were all there to witness your very, first steps :)
You look absolutely precious walking all over the house,
usually holding Mommy's cell phone saying
"Daddy?...hello?...Daddy?" over and over!
You also carry your fridge dj singing the ABC's as loud as you possibly can! Don't worry, Mommy has it ALL on video!!
You have been in our lives for 15 months, but I know I've loved you forever sweet, little man!
You still sleep like a champ! (13-14 hrs a night!)
You are SUCH a picky eater, Mommy is trying to find ways to sneak healthy foods into your meals and I've had to get VERY creative to say the least.
You L-O-V-E milk more than anything!
You'll drink water, but you'd MUCH rather have your "mik".
Favorite words are "daddy, puppies, this, pee boo(peek a boo), baff (bathtime), eyes, rose(nose) and much more precious words that we can't make out just yet!
You love giving kisses, but do NOT like to be held(good thing I cherished those moments while they lasted!) and "high fie" (high fives) between you and your brother are adorable, melts Mommy's heart each time!
SO PROUD OF YOU, BIG BOY! We love you "way up the moon and back to our hearts"


The Scott's said...

woohoo justin!!! good thing mommy has a good pair of running shoes because she's going to be chasing you all over the place!!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Oh, how cute!!! He is on the move!

Josh said...

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Cassiopeia said...

Good for you Justin! Soon you'll be dancing across the room while you sing the ABCs.

Wonderful blog Marissa. It melts my heart!

Mandee said... cute! Love the shirt he has on too...he he!

Hey, I think I got my issues fixed with my feeds. I hope you can see them now! :)

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Now you have 2 mobile kids. Good luck to ya! Enjoy and get ready.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

Southern Reflections said...

Perfect shirt for these pics...What an exciting time!! :o)

Hannah said...

Congrats to the little man! What a big milestone, it is so cool that you were all there to witness it!