Tuesday, September 21, 2010

gotta LOVE cake and I'm in the SPOTLIGHT this week!

Um, this kid L-O-V-E-S cake! And I don't keep any sweets in our house, however with grandparents living SO close to us(which we love) its likely that cupcakes, cookies or other non-healthy treats will make their way into our home on occasion!
This would be ONE of those times...

what do ya think? Did he enjoy it? Jacob enjoyed his too,
his mess was ALL over the table for Mommy to clean :)
At least they enjoyed their treat from MeMe!
and in other great news...
**My workout blog, Lets Move It Mommas
is a spotlight blog for Welcome Wednesday this week :)
Yay! I am SO excited!!!


The Scott's said...

a little sugar is not going to hurt them mom!!!

cooperl788 said...

Lol, all of Georgia's favorite treats are at Grandma's house too. Looks like he definitely enjoyed it!

Diane said...

So, so cute! :O)

Hannah said...

Ha ha! Don't you just wish you could just shovel cake into your mouth and have it be cute like that! So cute!