Thursday, September 16, 2010


The other day, Mommy was doing her daily routine of picking up around the house,
All of a sudden Justin starts laughing-then I hear Jacob crying... OH NO!
When I came into the living room, I found THIS! "Mommy, Justin knocked over my cheerios and he's eating ALL of them!"
Yep when big brother, Jacob leaves a snack on the table
that he "thinks" Justin can't reach...THINK AGAIN!
Jacob has to understand that ANYTHING he leaves out whether its toys OR food
is fair game for Lil brother these days!!

EVEN if that meant knocking over the entire cup of cheerios onto the floor,
he was getting that snack!!
**and YES I picked them up and did not allow him to graze off of the floor for long,
but you know I had to grab some pics first :)

By the way, I have a super delicious, healthy recipe over on my workout blog
so check it out if you get a chance and have a GREAT weekend!


M.O.T.B said...

Don't I know all about this!!!!!!!!!

Mama Hen said...

I am sure you will be finding Cheerios for a while. Somehow even after cleaning them up there are always a few hanging around. Ha! Very cute pictures! Have a great night!

Mama Hen

The Scott's said...

uuuummmmmm, what a little stinker. but he's a cutie, so it doesn't matter.

alicia said...

My kids are still eating off the floor- building immunity, right?! ;)

TV's Take said...

Cute! Who doesn't love a good snack off the floor - yum j/k.

Tini Posh said...

LOL! Sounds like my house : ) Too Cute!!

Mama Holli said...

Thanks Marissa for spreading the word about my friend's jewelry! You are so sweet! I did not know you were a Texas gal! Me too! Well I am now in Colorado but once a Texas always a Texas!
Where do you live?

Hattie said...

Too cute! Sounds like our house. Everything is fair game when it comes to the baby! Ha!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Annette said...

Oh, it's always a joy to have another mess to clean after you've just finished cleaning. Good thing you have a good sense of humor about this :) Have a great weekend!

Mama Hen said...

I hope you got all the Cheerios! Ha! Have a great weekend Marissa!

Mama Hen

Hannah said...

I love it the pictures are too funny! Myles is learning the same lessons, nothing is off limits to his little bro and if he wants it safe he better hold on to it!

reasonstoskipthehousework said...

Just happened upon your blog and LOVE it!