Tuesday, February 22, 2011

another YUMMY recipe!

So, I've teamed up with some other healthy living blogs to create a blog hop! We'd love to have you link up and join in or maybe just leave us a comment telling us if you find the workouts/recipes helpful?! I have shared a DELICIOUS, baked salmon recipe over there, go and check it out HERE if you'd like! It was a big hit with my family
and hopefully it'll be the same way with yours?! ... and it's super easy too :)
Plus, tomorrow I'll be hosting a fabulous giveaway So, head on over if you'd like to win!
Hope you are all having a great Wednesday :)
*As for me, I've been reviewing workouts like crazy and let me tell you, I am SORE!
I can barely move muscles I haven't used in a while and as I complain in the evenings, Jacob keeps telling me "Its Ok Momma, just do it again tomorrow"
...he's sooo right, but whew its rough! My little four-year old trainer keeps me going! Ha!

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