Wednesday, May 30, 2012

more things!

Last week was a busy week for us...
starting with the end of year party at our friend's house for the Penguin class...this was the best shot that I had from my phone, obviously they were having too much fun to stop for pictures!  

 the cute cupcakes with graduation hats that I ordered from my cousin...they were a HUGE hit!

and just a funny before and after pic...
I've been alternating my spin bike with my running, to give my workouts something new and the best place to spin is on my back porch, so that means fighting 95 degree heat!
Here's the before while I'm sitting in the nice A/C!

and my camera phone doesn't even do it justice...I am DRENCHED and it's dripping off of my face!  I hope you weren't eating while you read that...sorry!  But hey, you do what ya gotta do right?
I've admitted this on my other blog, BUT I sweat like a's totally gross and not something I'm proud of but it does mean I'm sweating out those toxins, so bring it on!!!  LOL


Nicole Buckingham said...

Following ya now from your awesome HOP! Thanks for hosting the fun. And, also I love the after pic-- you're rockin' the workout glow!!


TV's Take said...

Marissa I sweat like a man too and hate it but what can you do.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Haha, you brave woman! That is HOT weather!
Those cupcakes are so cute!