Sunday, August 12, 2012

am I ready for this?

2007 9 months old, headed to daycare while Mommy was still teaching...
(he was at full time daycare until Justin was born in 2009 when I quit teaching)

2009-First Day of MDO Tuesday-Thursday

 2010-First Day of Preschool Tuesday-Thursday(3 year olds)

2011-First Day of Preschool, Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday(4 year olds)

I think I've cried for every "first" day of school so far!  
I was a complete mess dropping him off at daycare each day while I went to work.  I did better for Mother's Day Out and Preschool HOWEVER, I'm not sure how I'm going to keep it together for the first day of kindergarten.  
It's only a few weeks away...we have our kindergarten close up (meeting with the kindergarten teachers) this week!  
I'm a nervous wreck.  
Jake keeps laughing saying he's going to wave goodbye to me the first day and his Mommy will be sobbing in the car rider line...OMG, he's SO right!!!  
He's SO excited!
He's ready to see all of his buddies from preschool-thankfully there's quite a few attending the same school, so they'll all know each other!
This is "real", five days a week, full day of kindergarten!!!!
and while I'm so happy that my boy is growing up into such a handsome, polite, mature young boy...I can't help but think, where has my baby boy gone??
Let's hope I can keep it together that first day of school...and if not, hopefully there will be other kindergarten Mommies sobbing right along with me :-(


Pamela said...

Aww - he is so cute. I remember both of my babies first days of kindergarten. And now my youngest granddaughter starts this year.

Maria @ Life on M Avenue said...

awwww... kindergarten was SO hard for me last year. but it DID get better. i guess the pain of letting go goes along with this gig... good luck! we start 1st grade tomorrow :(

The Roaches... said...'ll be fine and so will he! And now you'll have some one on one time with Justin. :-) Just take your kleenexes for the drop off and then go shopping or something that will distract you for awhile.

Mama Hen said...

I know this is a hard time and a very happy time. It is a time of "letting go" a bit and watching our children grow. My daughter always says "Mommy you want me to stay little forever." I say that she will always be my baby but I want her to grow and see the world and be super happy. Inside at times I wish I could keep her little so I can keep her close and protect her. But you will see my friend that your beautiful boy is ready for a full day of fun and learning with his friends. When he comes home with a huge smile you will be filled with such joy and super proud of how he has grown. Hang in their Marissa. I wish you all the best always! have a great day1

Mama Hen

Our Family of Four said...

I am right there with ya!! K is starting school for the first time ever and I am very nervous, but also very excited. I know she's ready! She's been asking me to go to school for a very longtime. ;)

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Marissa, do not spoil it by letting him see you upset!

Hanna said...

Oh man - I've already asked for the day off bc I know I'll be a basket case! Emma starts K on 8/27!!! I just hope I can keep it together until I get out of her site! I figure the camera can hide my face/tears so I'll be taking LOTS of pics! Hang in there momma!

Annette said...

Oh my goodness, I can empathize so much. Each year I end up sobbing for the very same reason. Even at the "moving up party" in June, I started sobbing (and so did some of the other moms). I never knew motherhood would bring such a whirlwind of emotions. Hang in there Marissa. It'll be hard, but thankfully, he's still your little boy. He still has so much to learn and so many more memories to make with you :)