Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Boo! better late than never

First of all, I know I'm late but hey...I have Instagram!!!
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Our Halloween was filled with lots of FUN, family and friends!

First all of the kiddos, or most of the kiddos from our family helped us celebrate a little early with cookies, candy and silly times, as you can see!

of course we had to decorate our golf cart...
no Halloween is complete without a little Ghostbusters and strobe lights!!!  LOL

and then we met up with our friends and had some Halloween fun!  Mommy (me) was screaming and almost had a heart attack after being CHASED with a chainsaw!  Whew, I'm such a wuss and cannot handle that stuff!  I jumped out of my skin at the Jellystone haunted house, so I'm not the one you wanna take along with ya on Halloween!!!

Oh my goodness, his wish came true!!!
Our oldest son, Jake turns 6 on Thursday (tomorrow)  and all he wanted was a dirt bike!

DON'T PANIC, he was riding it WITHOUT the motor!  Trust me, he'll have all of his protective gear today!  This was just him getting a feel for it and as you can see HE'S SO HAPPY!
Funny how we'll do anything to make our children smile!  We knew this was what he wanted, so it's from Brandon and I, and both sets of grandparents and Aunt Paulette!  A pretty big gift like this takes lots of help!  especially right before Christmas!!!
We know the dangers involved and will be extremely cautious.  We know too many people who have been injured on four-wheelers, motorcycles, etc..
What we're worried about is now little brother says he wants a dirt bike from Santa...
poor Santa better start looking for another job!


Our Family of Four said...

K loved the golf cart all dolled up for Halloween!! She's been asking daddy for one too! LOL. Looks like a great time and man.. Go Jake!! Happy Birthday!

Mama Hen said...

Happy birthday Jake! That dirt bike is very cool! That looks like a great Halloween! I have been so busy playing catch up with everything my friend! I hope you are well! I will be around a lot more now. The storm really put everyone off track. Thankfully we are well! Have a great night!

Mama Hen