Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday

to my sweet boy!
Jake, it's very hard for me to believe that you're turning 6 tomorrow
On November 8, 2006 our lives changed forever...
You are a Daddy's boy and wanna do EVERYTHING just like Daddy!
You would live outside if we'd allow it!
You love camping and going fishing!
You love helping Mom around the house and that makes me so happy!
You LOVE to agitate your brother :)
You eat healthy and will try anything once.
You have a HUGE heart and hate to disappoint.
You are extremely timid and shy around people that you don't takes you a while to let people in but once they get to know you, they see how hilarious you are!
You love to dance but only around the four of us-just like Daddy!
You love anything camouflage and Bass Pro Shops is like your Disney World!
You want a jacked up truck more than anything in the world
and love to make me nervous with your stunts on your bike!  I'm sure that'll only get worse with this new dirt bike!  Lol!
You are a ladies man with those big dimples!  People stop us everywhere we are to tell us how handsome you are and that makes us so happy to know they think so too :)
Now that you're in kindergarten (big boy school), your teachers always compliment on your behavior, maturity and parents, you have NO idea how proud this makes us, sweet boy!
and Shhh, you still secretly love your blanket!  Don't worry, Mommy won't tell!

We love you Jake!  I can't believe how fast you've grown but you sure make us proud and SO happy!
Our hearts are filled with love for you and hope you have THE best day ever!
P.S Mommy will probably take TOO many pictures of you tomorrow, so SMILE BIG!!!

Love ya to the moon and back, Birthday Boy!!!


Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy Birthday, Jake!!!

Hanna said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jake!!

Laura Dean Mooney said...

Happy belated birthday to Jake! Such a handsome and smart boy! Good job Marissa and Brandon!
love, Aunt Laura

Our Family of Four said...

He is adorbs. Hope he had a wonderful birthday!

Annette said...

Happy Birthday Jake!! Life's short, take lots and lots of pictures... Hope you have a very special day and year!!