Wednesday, April 24, 2013

iPhone moments!

They may be totally random but isn't that the best part of going through your camera phone pics?!? So much fun to recap the days and moments that have passed...

Slip n sliding FUN! Why is a slip n slide always worth the $19.99 each summer?

FUN at Home Depot...I'm telling you we make fun anywhere that we go!

I caught Justin "painting" Molly! Thankfully it was WITHOUT paint..only the brush! Whew!!

LOTS of backyard FUN lately! Family games of soccer, baseball and football! The boys usually beat Brandon and I but its fun trying :-)

And we love bedtime when Daddy's home...we all pile into our bed, listen to songs on the iTouch and giggle watching each others dance moves, or lack there of!!!

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Mama Hen said...

I always love going through phone pictures and seeing all the fun that we have been having every day! I can't believe we are still all bundled up in heavy coats and your munchkins are having a blast outside zooming along on the slip and slide. It looks like you have all been filling your days with lots of fun! Hope all is well my friend. I am around, but not settled in front of the computer so much lately. I will get back to it though soon. Have a great day my friend! :)

Mama Hen