Monday, July 15, 2013

Happy Birthday MeMe!

My mom is the greatest woman I know! She put me first in her life, always! And now it's where she puts our boys. They love their MeMe and that makes me so happy. For many years it was her and I, together! She always finds ways to give of herself...and although sometimes we don't see eye to eye, as most moms and daughters do, I love her so much. I respect her and appreciate all she's done for me to make my life great. She put me through college, walked me down the aisle and gave us a beautiful wedding...and so much more! 
And today, we celebrate her! 
The boys had fun with their MeMe on the cruise and at Disney World this year- a pretty cool Christmas gift for two, little boys huh?! 
I'm SO proud of all that she's done in her life, even with so many obstacles that stood in her way. 

For a gift? If I win the lottery, Brandon and I would build her a house in the Bahamas and buy her a yacht 
but until then...


Angie said...

Mom's sure are special people aren't they? I'm blessed with a wonderful mother too.

Hope your Mommy had a great day!

Mama Hen said...

A huge Happy Birthday to an incredible woman! How blessed you are to have had such a wonderful mommy! I love my mom so much and it has been hard lately. Thank you for checking in my friend. I have taken my mom to doctors every day for a month now. I have not been able to blog because I am with her every day taking care of her. I appreciate your friendship and you checking in on us. A big hug to you and your beautiful mom!

Mama Hen

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I hope she had a great day!!!