Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Is he still my LITTLE man?!

As I work on the planning process for this little man's SECOND birthday, I find myself holding back tears. I guess I'm being a little sappy and silly, but I can't help but think about how much he's grown in his short, little life!
*He completes our family of four, makes us laugh and smile each day.
*He is TOTALLY his Daddy's boy...in looks and personality!
*His facial expressions are SO funny
*He helps us not take life so seriously-meaning, he's THE most laid back kid we know!
*He loves to sleep and play outside!
*He is his big brother Jacob's, shadow...following him around wherever he goes :)
*He's a cuddler! Loves giving hugs and kisses and we NEVER turn those down, of course!
*He's a talker! He surprises us every day with his HUGE vocabulary....some of the fav's are:
NO*MILK*BUBBA(Jacob)*NITE NITE*WATER*OUSSIDE(outside)*MeMe*MOMMY*DADDY*DADDY HOME*BUUSH TEETH(brush teeth)*COOKIE*TICKEN(chicken)*PEE BOO(peek a boo) and more....whew, what a big vocab for such a little man!
And we can't forget out favorite: I LOVE LOO, MOMMY DADDY-melts our hearts each time!

So, as I go off to search the internet like crazy, looking for that perfect 2nd birthday for my sweet baby boy, I will reflect back on the past
almost-two years since this sweet man Blessed our lives!
Love you, Justin
Now if only I could find the theme for your b-day party and the venue?? Any ideas? I'm open to suggestions! Please!!? This little guy LOVES trains(Chuggington on Disney to be more specific) and loves animals too!!! Hmmmm???!! *official b-day is in May here in Texas, so it'll be WARM!


M.O.T.B said...

Did you change your mind on Chuggington? I thought it was super cute!

April Westerhold said...

Very sweet!

Kelly said...

Since he likes the train and animals you could do the zoo. I know some friends that did a birthday party there.

Tammy said...

He is so adorable!! Just too cute!!

I love the zoo-train idea. You could have stuffed animals & little trains around and I bet there are a ton of ideas for party favors, games, treats. etc. on the internet.

Good Luck!

Frenchy said...

Zoo train is a cool idea...They grow up too fast !

Annette said...

Happy birthday Justin! His vocab sounds just like my little boy's (though my little boy is six months older). Isn't it funny how they like to say the same things? Do you have a Thomas the train station near you? (We have a railroad that converts their train to Thomas the Train every now and then...) I think doing a train theme for your birthday party would be fun, even if he's a little too young to appreciate riding on a real train (I know my little guy would want to be running around in the aisle--he can't sit still for a minute.) Best wishes on planning the birthday party. Anything you choose will be special because it's from the heart.

Anonymous said...

I love the zoo-train idea, very unique! Thanks for stopping by Mommy's Peanut Gallery, following you back :)

cooperl788 said...

Happy Birthday Justin! Trains are hot item in our house too! I don't so much have any ideas, but I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome!

Kelly said...

Oh... or you could do Bayou Wildlife Park. It's not a "train" but sort of similar and might be a little cheaper.

There is also a park in Texas City that has a large train that you can climb on. It doesn't do anything just sits there, so you would have to come up with other activities while there.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

He is adorable!

Tini Posh said...

Such a sweet little guy! I love the zoo train idea..or what about renting one of those little trains that come out to your house..that would be super cute and he would probably love that! Let me know if you need any help with any cho cho train printables : )