Thursday, March 10, 2011

Turkey and Spinach Pizza!

Oh YES, it is GOOD...just trust me and give it a try :)
Head on over to my Let's Move It Momma's blog to get my recipe!
Hope to hear that it's a big hit at your house too!
My hubby and kids ate this stuff up...and YEP, it's healthy too!!! ENJOY!


Sara said...

That looks delicious and healthy!!

TV's Take said...

Looks great Marissa! Thanks sooo much for sharing.

Mama Hen said...

That looks delicious Marissa! Thank you for yur kind words. I have been realy having a tough time wrapping myself around the reality of what happened. I hope you have a great weekend my friend!

Mama Hen

Amateur Mommy said...


newest follower :)

i would love a follow back

Anonymous said...

Thanks for following my blog! I'm your newest follower :) By the way, this looks so yummy!

alicia said...

*wiping drool off keyboard...* Looks delish!