Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Random Phone Pics!

I just love going through my phone each month and seeing the TOTALLY random pictures we capture! Some are when we're on the go and I don't have my camera, others are these boys being silly in the house and I only have time to grab my phone...looking back on this month's collection, we sure keep things exciting for these boys! They play outdoors ALL.DAY.LONG and love to drive each other crazy! And although sometimes they drive me CRAZY, I love them SO much!! Please leave a comment if you're sharing your Random Phone Pics too!

Do you take pictures with your phone?


Tammy said...

I LOVE the picture of them with the baseball caps on, haha.. so cute! I do take pics with my phone when we are here & there and I don't get the camera out. I will have to start a post about it to join in the fun!

TV's Take said...

Cute! Love the ones of them totally out. Sorry I've been MIA lately. None of the blogger comment fixes worked. Anyway hope your doing great!!!

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

I just love those boys, they are too cute! I wish I took more pics with my phone, I think I'll start now :)

Can I ask you where you get clothes for the boys? They are always wearing the cutest stuff and I feel like all the boy stuff I see is NOT cute at all (unless I want them wearing frogs, dogs, or monkeys) Any tips for a mommy who is totally confused about boy clothes shopping? LOL