Thursday, June 23, 2011

Watch out for IRONMAN!

Jacob loves Ironman, so when Costume Discounters asked if we'd review this costume, he was SO excited!

We searched their website and they have a lot of costumes to choose from, especially for kids! Their website was very easy to navigate and their convenient sizing chart made it easy to find the costume that was right for him.

We found exactly what we were looking for with this War Machine costume!

What do ya think? Pretty cool, right?

It shipped quickly and you should have seen Jacob's face when he opened the box! EXCITEMENT to say the least! His brother was not so excited, because once the costume went on, he started chasing baby brother acting like a superhero!! Ha!

Now, I know Halloween is pretty far away but they have costumes for ALL occasions, even 4th of July costumes which is right around the corner! It seems like every year we fight the crowds at the local Halloween stores to find that perfect costume, but Costume Discounters makes that process MUCH easier through online shopping. We can search thousands of costumes for our entire family and completely avoid the crowds this year! We discovered that a lot of the popular costumes are on sale through this website vs. other leading costume retailers. Their website even carries a Men's Ironman costume but when I mentioned it to my hubby, he said NO WAY! Oh well, it was worth a try! Some orders ship free and they have a great return/exchange policy which takes the stress away from online purchasing! With our experience through Costume Discounters, we'll be using them in the future!

Now our next task is finding the perfect superhero costume for Justin??! Hmmm...

**I hope you can see his expression in that last picture, through his mask?? He was SO annoyed that I kept taking away from him play time to take that picture...he's HILARIOUS!

Disclosure: I received this costume from Costume Discounters free, in exchange for my honest review of the product(s). All opinions are 100% mine!


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So cute!