Monday, September 26, 2011

Go Panthers!

My cousin is a senior this year and we decided to take a trip to watch one of his football games! Go #60! The game went into THREE overtimes and the Panthers WON!

It was our first high school football game since we were in high school and we won't talk about how long ago that was! It was nice to be in that atmosphere again and I told my hubby, he better be prepared because if our boys play football, I'm going to be one crazy, proud, and vocal FOOTBALL MOM!

We are proud of you, Dominic and happy we could be there to watch you!

Go #60

Hope we can make it there to watch you again before football season ends! The boys still can't stop talking about the football game and how they wanna be football players just like Dominic and Aaron! Love it! They wear their football helmets all through the house yelling, TOUCHDOWN and tackling each other. When I tell them not to be so rough they tell me they are just being football players! HA!

Now how can I argue with that??!


An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Haa haa, your boys are so cute. I love high school football, it makes me feel young again :)

TV's Take said...

YOu were made to mother boys.

Jessyca said...

Hi I found you on a blog hop. Im now following you via GFC. Please follow me back. Thanks
Have a great week!