Thursday, September 6, 2012

and my BABY is in preschool :-(

This past weekend was time for Daddy and my oldest son, Jake to go dove hunting with friends! 
they were missed SOOO much but had fun!

so that left our house with only Momma and her baby, Justin on his last weekend before preschool started...

He's never been in school, just home with me so it was REALLY hard and emotional for me to let go and allow him to make that step toward growing up :-( so we spent the weekend doing TOO many fun things...wait, there's never TOO many fun things right?

We took him the Bay watch Dolphin Tours in Galveston and we loved it...saw TONS of dolphins swimming right up to the boat!  Then stopped for a great lunch over-looking the water...

Ugh, then it was time to get my baby dressed for his first day...Mommy had another lump in my throat but seeing him so happy and excited made me happy!  He was READY!  Jake was always timid and reserved, but not this little man...he walked in immediately making friends, talking to his teachers and said, "bye mom, I'll see you after I eat my lunch with my friends and learn some stuff"....ughhh!  I wanted to stay in that classroom all day, right next to baby!
 notice that he HAD to have the same shoes as big brother for school!

When I picked him up, he was SO happy about school said he LOVES it so that sure makes me happy too!  It was hard letting go of both boys in the same week, but I did pretty good considering.  Justin was dressed with his backpack on and ready to go this morning, I've never seen him that I guess that means Mommy has to suck it up and let go- a little!  I was able to start dinner, do laundry & dishes and the house all clean with my "free" time so can't complain about that!

I'm proud of both of my big boys but of course I'm gonna say it,
they're growing up TOO fast :-(


M.O.T.B said...

I need to post my boys school pics. You are right it is a very hard day. Kam bawled yesterday when I picked him up because he had to leave his school supplies at school. Both your boys are adorable!

Julie and Clay Ciomperlik said...

So hard to watch them grow up and need us less. :(

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Oh I totally remember that day and it was waaaaaay harder for me then it was for Kaylin. Just seeing them so big and doing big kid things really makes me miss when she was just a baby. Feel your pain mama but he looked adorable!

Mama Hen said...

Your kids are getting bigger and I know you are one very proud mommy! Time goes by so fast! Being able to start dinner, do tyhe alundry and have some time to clean is something definitely we can't complain about when we have that extra free time. Have a great weekend! Have a great weekend!

Mama Hen

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm so glad it went well!
They need to slow down on this growing up thing!

Annette said...

It's so hard to let go, but I'm sure it's a little easier knowing how much he loves school! You're doing a great job Marissa! Keep up the great work!