Saturday, September 1, 2012

one week-DONE!

Our house made it through an entire week of kindergarten!  I know most of you are probably juggling A LOT more, but this was chaos for me!  Whew, it's gonna take some getting used to with school, football, playing outside, cooking dinner, cleaning house/clothes...seems like it all doubled this week!  Is that possible?

He did great his first day and week of school...he loves it!  His favorite class is P.E (yea, I'm very proud of that) His behavior has been wonderful in class, loves his teacher and his classmates, so overall it's been great!  I am very happy that he knows so many kids from preschool.  I think it has made it easier for him and since he's at the school I used to teach, he says all of the teachers know him and are always checking on him!  And he said his first day of P.E, his teacher said "Jake's mom used to teach in this room and we loved her"...he said it was cool!  I better take advantage, Mommy won't be "cool" for long!

By day 2, he came home with a "girlfriend"...haha!  This is the little girl he's been in preschool with for 2 years and now they have been chasing each other on the playground like crazy...I feel romance coming on!

LOL KIDDING!!!!  He's allowed to have a "real" girlfriend when he's 30!

Whew, this week I was sure missing my boy...he says he missed me too, but I think he was saying it to make me feel better :-)

And then by Friday we were going to meet the teacher for our little man...handsome and looks just like Daddy!  He was excited but a little nervous meeting his teachers, let's hope next week is smooth because I'm still trying to tell myself it's better that he socialize with other 3 year olds two days a week then staying home with Momma full-time!  Ah my baby growing so fast!

Two of my boys, while my big boy is at school...
With my husband's schedule we were able to do SO many fun things during the week while he was off, but these days it'll be different...MUCH different.  No day trips to Bass Pro Shops, or the batting cages...Jake will have school.  And although we skipped (shhh!) preschool way too often for fun days, we can't do that quite as much in kindergarten!
So the time with just the four of us is being missed right now, but we're hoping we'll figure out how to have some weekday FUN after 3:05 and I have confidence that we'll figure it out soon!


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Oh Marissa, you make me smile, family life is changing for you from now on, they grow up so fast. As I have said many times enjoy. :)

Annette said...

Oh, getting used to school again is getting to be quite a chore for us too! Lewie's been going to summer school all along, but now the pace has definitely gotten stricter...I want our lazy summer days back... I love the fact that you let Jake skip out on pre-school every once in a while so you could go on fun family trips. I know you'll figure out a way to do it now too :)

Tesha Vann said...

So glad the first week went well.
Good luck with PS, Im sure it will go great!

Melanie Mueller said...

Such handsome boys!!! It is a big year to have your babies start Kinder and preschool! It definitely tugs at a Mama's heartstrings. My big boys started 4th and 1st grade and my baby is 3 and in preschool. I wish I could slow things down!!!
Hope the boys are both enjoying school!!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm glad it went well for him, too!
Having a child in school is complete chaos!!!