Friday, December 14, 2012

Justin's preschool Christmas Performance!

He's ready to go to school and perform for Mommy, Daddy and MeMe!

He did great for the first, two made me cry because he's growing so fast!  Jake used to stand there, frozen so seeing one of your children singing Christmas songs on stage...ah, melts your heart!

Then it was time for Joy to the World and something happened...he says he got hit and scared BUT I think he knew I wanted him to sing it LOUD and we had practiced so much at home, crying and making that face was his way of getting out of singing :(  Hilarious....

a PROUD Mommy and Daddy!

..and one, PROUD MeMe too!

so we celebrated with a BBQ lunch...Mmm!

and after all of his hard work and dedication yesterday, today called for snuggling with Mommy in our pj's!

Nothing like lounging in your MISMATCHED pj's on a Friday!  


Tesha Vann said...

How sweet! My girl has started crying during all her performances (when she sees me) so I'm thinking about hiding.

Our Family of Four said...

Would you just look at how handsome that little boy looks!?! Super cute!

Annette said...

What a cutie!!! He sure does look handsome in his Christmas outfit... Oh, and I love the face for "Joy to the World"--that's hilarious!