Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thanks iPhone!

For allowing me to take a look back on 2011 and 2012 through pictures!  Don't get me wrong, I love my Nikon camera, but sometimes my iPhone is there when my big camera is not...
and for those little moments, I am so grateful!  

Disney World Trip 2012 for Justin's 3rd Birthday!

Our first trip 2012, in our new travel trailer!

 2011 when my baby still loved that 'ol binky!  

2011 sandbox fun at our old house!

Christmas 2011

2011 when my handsome boy was Britney and Skylar's ringbearer!

2011 4th of July, looking cool as ever!

2011 Artesian :Lakes trip when my baby fell into the firepit and burned his little fingers :(

Sept. 2011 Ashlyn, one of my best friends, got hitched!

Jan. 2012, hubby and I ran the half marathon on our 7th anniversary!  LOVE this man!

Jan 2012, our last day in our old many memories!

Spring 2012 Little League Baseball season when I was team mom with my man!  He looks so young!

Feb 2012, we bought our golf cart and have probably used it ALMOST every day since!

2011 beach fun!-there are sooo many beach pics and pool pics!  outta control!

Justin's first big catch!

You wouldn't believe how many workout pics I have of myself from 2011 & 2012!  
Ridiculous, but in my defense it's for my Move It Mommas blog!

Recently, my son has found an obsession for all things dirt bikes...his first ride 2012!

After having a "buzz" cut for most of his life, he's growing his hair out!  Handsome man!

And the other day, our littlest man wanted his hair like big brothers...of course!

Thanks to my iPhone, I am able to look back and have SO many memories of those moments where my big camera wasn't there.  These pictures, plus thousands more...yes, there are THOUSANDS from 2011 and 2012 made me smile, tear up (my boys growing too fast!) and reflect on all of the fun experiences we make for our boys and my family.  We try to make each day an adventure and expose them to as much fun things as possible...after all, they're only small for so long.  I love to cherish each and every moment :)

Can't wait to see what 2013 iPhone pics will look like...

What about you?  Are you a obsessive, phone picture-taker like ME??!


Sarah said...

Hi Marissa! New follower here! And I agree... the Canon can be a burden sometimes and having the iPhone is great to capture those last second memories! Anyway, feel free to stop by sometime... I can always use advice from other momma's of boys. :)

Mama Hen said...

IThese pictures are great! That face painting is cute! It is so wonderful that we have phones with us all the time so we can capture such great moments! Have a great night my friend!

Mama Hen

Angie said...

What great pics! Your boys are too cute. Your right, snap every photo of everything you can. Years from now all you will have are those memories. Time flies and they are grown before we know it.

April Westerhold said...

I love this post. I looked back through my iphone pics today and got teary-eyed. I have pics on there from Disney in 2010, when Caleb was a wee baby, and Kanin was in 1st grade. Love this post and may do the same thing next week! :)