Thursday, May 9, 2013

Our week...

Started off with Jake testing positive for strep :-( honestly though, he never acted sick! Maybe because he doesn't know what resting means?? Ha! But good news is he's back to normal!

We stay sweaty a lot around here! Either running, playing outside, working in the yard, riding lots of stinky pics...luckily you can't smell us :-)) whew!

We celebrated Justin's birthday today at his school! SO cute watching them sing Happy Birthday to my baby :-)

So after school we went outside and rode bikes/had running relays to celebrate my baby growing up :-(


Angie said...

You sure got some cute boys!

Mama Hen said...

Hi Marissa,
I have also been using my phone to check on bloggy friends and while I am still around, I have not been able to comment as much. I am so glad that Jake feels better. We love being outside! That is what I love seeing when I visit your blog. Your last post on Italy and all that yummy goodness made me hungry! You look great my friend. I hope all is well.

Mama Hen

Annette said...

Happy Mother's Day Marissa! Keep on enjoying these wonderful moments with your boys. I've never seen such happy smiles; they are loving life!