Friday, May 3, 2013


My littlest man is turning four next week and it makes you wonder where the time goes!
I look back on pictures like this one and wonder, where are my babies? They are growing up fast but I like to think we take every moment and cherish them! We try to make the little moments stand out too and our hopes is that our boys look back and say, Wow we had a FUN childhood :-)

As for Justin turning four next week...there will be tears...LOTS of tears!!!


Annette said...

I hear you Marissa. My little guy will be turning 5 this year, and I feel the same way. While I'd like to think I've been cherishing every moment, part of me is still not ready to watch him grow up. The greatest gift we can give to them is just that--a fun childhood!

Party of Five said...

They are both so cute.. I think we could all use a pause button in life. Happy Birthday Justin!