Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"Why to the North Pole...this is the Polar Express"

All Aboard the POLAR EXPRESS! Yes, this might be in Texas and Yes, it was 70 degrees outside, but if you "Believe" that you're actually in the North Pole, then the magic comes alive...
Jacob is all dressed up and ready to take his first trip to the North Pole to visit, Mr. C! Better known as, Santa Claus. (You must excuse all of my direct quotes to Polar Express, our family has been watching this movie since before Thanksgiving and reading the book almost every night!! what can I say, Jacob LOVES it!)

Jacob and Luke in their matching pj's and slippers! I mean, aren't these the two, more precious boys you've ever seen??

What is the Polar Express without a quick game of tag in the hallway of the Holiday Inn??

Lil' Bro and Big Bro! Look at these two, could they look more different? When I am holding Justin, I feel like I have to tell everyone, Yes he is REALLY my son! I love these boys more than life itself...they bring joy to our lives each and every day and we could not imagine life without them. Two, different little personalities and I must say, Jacob may be a Daddy's boy, but Justin is my little Momma's boy for sure!

Look at that smile! Please let me know if you could ever be in a bad mood when you look at a face like this all day? Smiles 100% of the time and it melts Momma's heart like you wouldn't believe!

"Tickets Please...Tickets"
These two are ready to ride! Love this picture with their Polar Express bears right by their sides! Yea, as soon as you walk into this place, you might as well have your wallet/purse handy! Polar Express souvenirs galore!

Mommy, Jacob, Luke and Tarah...does everyone see that we're all dressed in our pj's? Where are the Daddy's?? Not in this picture because they refused to wear pj's!!!

The conductor is punching Jacob's ticket! Love it because he looks totally freaked out, doesn't he? He's not even sure if that conductor can be trusted enough to take his ticket? And let me tell you, once his ticket was punched, nobody could go near it! Would not let us hold it, see it or even TOUCH it! That was HIS ticket!

Jacob, Mommy and Justin on our way to the North Pole. Look at what Justin is doing to that table cloth! I'm surprised it was still on the table after all of his tugging and pulling.

Santa giving Jacob a bell from his sleigh...even Mommy got all excited when Santa came through the doors of the train. Makes you feel like a kid again!

Jacob picked a sugar cookie, grabbed it, said Thank you and dropped it! All in a matter of 30 seconds! The cookie rolled to the other side of the train, he laughed and said "That's okay Daddy, we'll just go get ice cream after we leave the North Pole!"...can't get enough of that 3 year old talk!

Finally, made it to the North Pole! Santa was waiting for us there and had to go return, to finish making the toys for Christmas!
Definately worth the trip to Palestine to ride this train! We had a good time and can't wait to try it again when Justin is old enough to understand! Gets you in the Christmas spirit and it was our first time to ride a train, EVER.
Merry Christmas 2009!!!

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