Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Wrapping Up" Christmas 2009!

The answer is, NO! We did not give in and buy Justin his very first puppy! BUT, Justin was all about cuddlin' up with our cousins puppy dog that they were dog sitting! He got the giggles every time the puppy came over to his blanket to hang out...and chew his baby toys!
WOOHOO, Thanks to Uncle Paul, Aunt Sheila, Dominic, Gabi, Aaron, Jacob finally got his last Christmas wish list gift...."a choo-choo train"

Justin is DROOLIN' with excitement over his very own blocks! Nope, they were handed down by his big brother, these were his blocks from Santa! Something about our second child getting "brand new" toys brings joy to Momma. Pathetic, I know!

Did this kid really get enough from Santa? We're not sure, but seeing that our living room floor looked like ToysRus, we think he did pretty good! Did our "Elf on the Shelf" really deliver messages to Santa this year? We think he may have gotten lazy and skipped a few trips to the North Pole, because some days around here did not look so "Nice"! Ha

Sweet boy in his new Jump N Go from MeMe! He sure can hang with the big boys now! And would you look at that face? LOVE IT! Yes, Justin's first Christmas was full of kleenex and vicks baby rub-he was sick as a dog and could barely breathe, but did not shed a tear...still the happiest baby ever!
"No Way" a real bat from the Astros! I must have been a really good boy this year...or Mommy and Daddy just didn't tell Santa how many times I went to the "Naughty Spot" this week!

Another Santa wish list item fulfilled! T.V. for my room. Now keep in mind, Mommy didn't have a tv in her room until she was in jr. high, but i guess times have changed because my THREE year old put this at the top of his wish list!

Mommy and Jacob checking out the Festival of Lights in Dickinson. Is it me or does Jacob look TOTALLY annoyed with picture taking? He was yelling, "CHEESE" at his Daddy and was telling me to let him go. What a sweet boy! It's okay Jacob, I know you love your Mommy more than words and cannot resist taking sweet pictures with her each and every day! Momma loves you too!
....and Happy New Year too!

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