Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa's Little Helpers

As you can see, we have two "little helpers" for Christmas this year! Jacob is VERY excited about Christmas. We think this will be the first year when he finally understands the true meaning of Christmas...and about being "naughty or nice". ?? We've tried to explain that not listening to your Mom and Dad and being mean to your brother makes you "naughty", but not really sure he's getting it, since yesterday in the bath tub, he poured an ENTIRE cup of water over his brother's head...oh yes, the whole cup. Does Justin get upset? Absolutely..NOT! He loved it! He was cracking up and throwing his hands in the air for Jacob to do it again. He's going to be made of steel before it's all said and done! Gotta love being a Momma of two boys! I love every minute and wouldn't change it for a second!

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Laura Dean-Mooney said...

absolutely adorable! I just wanna squeeze Justin's cheeks!