Friday, December 11, 2009

"Throwdown with Bobby Flay" A.K.A. JACOB

Handsome Boy cookin' a meal for his Momma!
Stopping for a brief moment to use Mommy's spatula and whisk as drumsticks and the tile floor as his instrument! Ahhh, yes he's all boy!

So, this was the best $10 EVER spent. He'll play with this food for hours...especially when Mommy's in a great mood and let's him tear through ALL, yes ALL of her measuring cups, spatulas, mixing bowls, etc! This is what we are forced to do today to keep us, well Jacob entertained while it's cold and rainy outside. Yuck! So, until the weather is good enough to go outside and play(his favorite thing to do!) "Throwdown with JACOB" will just have to do.

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The Scott's said...

We are bored too! This weather needs to clear up so that I can run the million errands that I need to! Jacob's a hoot!