Monday, June 14, 2010

and we're back in business...

Okay, so I read the troubleshooting(duh!) and figured out my problem...Yay!
We had our first teeball practice today and HE DID GREAT! He loves it and can't wait for his first game tomorrow- Yes, tomorrow :)
Team: Tigers dressed and ready to go!! Mommy was excited too! When I taught P.E., I always thought about the day I could play baseball with my SON, so it was probaby more fun for me than him ;)
taking his place on the field...this kid was PUMPED!
He got a hit, ran all the bases and scored a run-GO JACOB!!

catching his first grounder out on the field with his buddies, Parker and Brody!
Oh and while Mommy was taking pictures, I was DRIPPING with sweat! (and seriously it's gross, but I sweat like a man!) Oh yes, DRIPPING! I think it was over 100 degrees today and at 6pm, it was still blazing hot!!
Tomorrow I am bringing my
Buc-ees cup filled to the top with ICE water :)

and a few days ago we took a trip to Palm Beach with Jenny and Parker and had a BLAST! We have to find ways to keep cool this time of year and what better way than at the beach!

This entire pool is super shallow, so they loved being able to walk and swim around, plus the sand was SO hot, it almost burnt your toes, so staying in the pool was a much better choice!

Not sure what I'm gonna do about Mr. Chocolate TAN man! Ha, he cracks me up with all of his cousins and three shades darker than the rest of 'em! I sure love him though and that's all that matters!
Hope you're having fun in the sun too :)


The Scott's said...

so stinkin' cute! can't wait to hear all about his first game!!!

Meet Virginia said...

Too stinking cute! Go Tigers go!! Girl I don't blame ya for sweating that much I would have too for sure!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!!
Meet Virginia!!!

Tarah said...

Good Luck Tonight Jacob!!