Tuesday, June 22, 2010

another day at the ballpark!

So, I'd be lying if I said I didn't totally look forward to our days at the ballpark each and every week :) I LOVE IT! I guess because I grew up with memories of playing softball, my husband played baseball for um, his entire life so I have a love for ALL OF IT! and there's little man all decked out in his baseball gear ready to watch big brother PLAY BALL!
Jacob scoring a run...ahhh I can't get enough of watching those little cleats touch home plate :). Oh and why didn't anybody warn me that I'd already be getting the knots in my stomach over a THREE YEAR OLD going up to bat?! Yea, I know it's all for "fun", but I can't help but get nervous for him each time!!

Jacob and his Pop!
He was so excited to see his Pop there to cheer him on for the second week in a row-thanks for coming, Pop, DeDe and MeMe

1...2...3...Gooooo TIGERS!!!
So proud of you Jacob, you are doing such a great job
and Mommy and Daddy LOVE watching you play ball!
Oh and your little brother totally claps for you every time you do something great, he may be small but he sure knows that he LOVES you!


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alicia said...

So stinkin' cute!! My son isn't doing ball this year, but now you're making me miss it! Enjoy!

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It would be great if you came by and visited me! Those pictures are sooo cute.

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Elesha said...

Aww, he is too cute (both boys)! I can't wait until my little boy can play baseball. I'm sure I'll have knots as well. BTW, I wish I could get my little boy to drink milk out of his sippy cup. He will drink juice but not milk. Go figure!Ha!

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Oh. My. Lord. That picture at the top of this post is freakin' adorable!

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How cute!
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OMG your sons are soooo cute, I'm new to your blog, I hopped over here via Welcome Wednesday. When I saw your baby's cute face I knew I would totally enjoy this post. Thanks for sharing and hope you will like my blog too :)

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Adorable pics! Can't wait until my little man is old enough for Tball!

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