Thursday, June 10, 2010

FAMILY TRIP!! Pointe West, Galveston 2010

The beach house! look close and you'll see me up there with my boys!
The McClellen's

-are these boys precious, or what?!
I truly believe that Jacob could have stayed at the pool and on the beach FOREVER. He loved every second of it and he especially LOVED being with all of his cousins...
yep, we decided to take a big family trip to Pointe West on the west end of Galveston Island! We only live about 45min. from Galveston, but this place felt like we were So far away! So, there were 10 kids...YEP, 10! and anywhere from 10-15 adults at one time or another on the trip!
It was F-U-N

Jacob working on his muscles out by the pool :)

This float was a gift from some friends (Thx Parker!) and Justin LOVED it! He cruised around the lazy river in this thing for hours...

Daddy and Jake swimming at the beach club pool. Seriously if we could afford it, I'd wanna buy one of these homes/condos out there, it was AMAZING!

Momma and Justin. This sweet, little man LOVES the water!

Cousin Angie and Justin cooling off in the water...look at that little belly!

and here's the crazy kiddos from left to right:

Sophie, Gavin, Bella, Annalise, Brody, Greyson and JAKE!

the beach house hammock was a HUGE hit!

Greyson, Jake and Brody...they are hilarious! These kids had TOO much fun!

After a big Surf n' Turf dinner at the beach house, we took a walk down to the beach and the fun started. We all played chase in the water, found shells, threw the football, and even though the parents weren't in bathing suits, we got SOAKED!

So much fun and we totally think this had to have been the best part of the trip! AND we played 'til the sun went down, it doesn't get any better than that, right?!

Jake's first time having his feet buried in the sand... he didn't like it and just told me to hurry up and take a picture, so I DID!

...those eyes are sooooo gorgeous! He was already in his pj's but he didn't seem to mind hanging out at the beach, watching his brother run around like a crazy man!!

So, the entire family thought this picture was HILARIOUS of all of the "white" kids and my little "dark" boy! Ha! and actually they are ALL italian, but my child looks a few shades darker :)

Jacob looks like such a little, tough guy in this pic...he cracks me up! I don't think this kid was ever out of water for more than a few hours the entire trip!

and there's ME holding the newest addition to our very large, Italian family...Ms. Georgia Meador! Isn't she precious? At some points throughout the trip, I thought to myself..."hmmm, she sure is sweet, maybe I want ONE more? and then I would put her down, reality would set back in and I'd say, "hmmm, maybe not!" Ha!

Such a perfect, family vacation! Our family has always been very close and we've been there for each other through EVERYTHING! Now that we all have children, it was the perfect way to make memories and enjoy ourselves as a big family! I know my kids had a blast hanging out with all of their cousins and we did too!

We Love all of you guys and here's to many more family vacations in the future :)

...sadly, I am still borrowing my mom's computer! I think we are going to just buy a new one, instead of fix the old one, so hopefully that'll happen VERY soon!!! Can't wait to check up on all of the blogs I have missed for the past week....


The Roaches... said...

Where is that place? It looks really fun with the fancy pool and all! Did Jason and Leigh Ann choose to be anti-social or what?! Looks like you guys had a blast!! :-)

Marissa said...

it's on the far west end of galveston and yes, it was nice-we LOVED it! yep, Jason and LeighAnn were busy with the karate school, so they couldn't get away! Still won't tell the baby name huh?!

The Roaches... said...

The baby doesn't have a name for sure yet so there's really nothing to tell. Haha. She's currently torturing me with hiccups. It seems they happen 2-3 times a day now. I think I might need to take more time to accurately come up with just the right name after all the stretching, wiggling, and hiccupping she makes me suffer through... :-)

alicia said...

What an awesome vacation!!! Looks like you had a great time with your beautiful family!!
Good luck with the computer issues!!

Tarah said...

Great Pictures! Looks like ya'll had a blast!