Saturday, July 2, 2011

It's TIME!

It's time for the Independence virtual 5K!

Are you ready to race? If you've signed up, you have July 3rd-9th to complete the race!Remember, it's not about are doing this to have fun, be healthy and maybe win some great prizes too! Right? RIGHT!

Distance: 3.1 miles at your favorite location...on the pavement or the treadmill!If you received your BIB from me, feel free to fill in your favorite # and/or your blog name!

*Extra entry for taking a picture of yourself competing in the race or in your favorite 4th of July attire! Your picture just might be featured, so have FUN and be creative :)
Make sure you email me at with your finishing time. And picture, which is optional.

Participants will be able to sign up throughout the week, as long as they complete the race by the 9th, so keep spreading the word about this FUN and FREE virtual race!

To the participants: Thank you SO much for making this race a huge success and getting the message out there! I had SO much fun organizing, creating and getting sponsors for this race! Even if this is your first 5K, as long as you're out there doing your best and moving, you are succeeding! And look at all of the motivation with our virtual group of blog buddies doing it with you!

To those dealing with INSANE heat, like we are here in Texas...hang in there!

Let that sweat pour down as you run to that finish line!!!


Lots and lots of FUN! And Happy 4th of July!


"The Move It Momma"-or for those who know me as, Marissa!

If you want to join, simply email me at and tell me you're ready to race!

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