Thursday, July 28, 2011

rainy day fun!

Last week, my friend Jenni asked us if we'd like to join her and her daughter, Jillian at the zoo! But of course, it was pouring by the time we made it to Houston.

I suggested the Children's Museum, because it was near the zoo AND we wouldn't get soaking wet!

I am used to going to the museum during the school year, NOT the summer...and guess what? It was a zoo! SWARMED with people and we could barely keep an eye on the little ones.

So, our museum trip lasted 45minutes :(

I am NOT ready to see these two driving off together...SCARY! Momma will be a wreck. I'll have to make sure they know-NO GIRLS ALLOWED IN YOUR CAR!!!!!!

So, after our 45minute trip, we decided to check out the zoo anyway...yes, it was raining but we were ready to see some animals and have some Zoo fun! these pictures are awful because my camera kept fogging up from the humidity and rain! I should have captured a picture of my was AWFUL! Big 'ol frizzy mess!

The perks of going to the zoo in the rain: nobody is there, so you have the place to yourselves! We were able to watch them feed the lions-so cool! The kids loved it! Don't worry, I made sure that fence was secure before letting my kids get up close and personal!

The kids favorites from our rainy, Zoo day? The elephants, giraffe's and lions for sure! Oh and they loved all of the reptiles too! Mommy didn't enjoy seeing all those snakes, but my boys did!
We were afraid all of the animals would be hiding, but most of them were excited to see rain, I'm sure it's been SUPER hot for them here lately! Here's hoping a better Zoo trip is planned soon!


Tammy said...

What fun!! We have a gift certificate to the Children's Museum here but I'm waiting till Fall when it won't be so crazy!

Love the Zoo pics! How neat that they got to see the Lions being fed! :)

Hannah said...

How fun, sometimes going out on a rainy day like that is the best, I hate when there are big crowds too. Hope all is going well for you and the family! Have a great Thursday!

TV's Take said...

Cute! Our childrens Museum is full of school trips so it's rarely a pleasant experience. We love our local zoo but living with average highs in the 105 range we rarely go in the summer. Have a great weekend

Annette said...

Wow, I can't believe your little ones had a chance to feed the lions! We went to the zoo, but it's small and doesn't have a lot of big animals. I'm glad to see you were able to make the most of your rainy day. By the smiles on your boys' faces, it looks like they didn't mind one bit! Happy weekend!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Cute pictures! We love going to the zoo on rainy days! Nobody is there!