Friday, November 4, 2011

busy planning...

for this boy's 5th birthday party!!!

He enjoyed lunch at Joe's Crab Shack today and when we tried to have them sing Happy Birthday...he FLIPPED OUT! Totally like his Daddy and doesn't like the attention!

A bad phone pic, but he was sure lovin' his ice cream sandwiches! *He's a tough guy but still loves to snuggle with his Momma. *He LOVES spending the night at his MeMe's and at his DeDe, Pop and Aunt Paulette's. *He loves to be outside. No matter the time of day, rain or shine, he's going outside! *He still sucks his thumb...shhh, I told him he's gotta break this habit SOON. *His blanket goes with him EVERYWHERE and from this, it is falling apart. *He loves big trucks, 4 wheelers, camo, Bass Pro Shops, and playing catch with a baseball and football. *He also loves to run and play, he can go for hours...

He LOVES to stay up late! If we are awake, he's awake! He does not like settling down and going to bed. He'll hang in there as long as possible and then when he's got nothing left he'll CRASH! As if you haven't noticed, he's got the cutest DIMPLES! Seriously, those are trouble! He knows he's cute just by the way he smiles and looks at you. I tell him all of the time, he can start dating when he's 30 and until then, Momma can be his girlfriend :)
How long do you think he'll fall for that??!

He's a big brother.

At times he can drive his baby brother crazy, but at other melts my heart.

He is his brothers best friend. He is a big helper for me when Daddy is at work.

He has a BIG heart. He will do anything for you, if you ask. He's shy. He doesn't like attention, unless its just the four of us, then he's the life of the party!


We love you so much! Can't believe you are turning 5 on tuesday! Time has flown by and we cannot imagine life without you. You are and always will be our baby boy. We are SO proud of you and all that you do. You are a great athlete, and are a very smart boy and I know whatever you do, you'll be great at it! You don't give up easily. You won't stop until you get it right!

We love you sweet man and hope you have a Happy 5th Birthday!


April Westerhold said...

Very sweet and what a cutie. I wish I could just make them stop growing and freeze time. Love that Mom is the #1 girl in our boys' lives.

Michelle A'etonu said...

he really does have the most adorable dimples. happy birthday little guy!

Tini Posh said...

Such a sweet post!Happy Birthday to your adorable little guy!!

Hannah said...

So cute! He has gotten so big! I am like him I do not like people singing Happy Birthday to me either, it makes me soooooo uncomfortable LOL. Happy Belated Birthday Jake!

Lexie Loo, Little Lily, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 5th Birthday, Jake!!!