Sunday, January 15, 2012

SO nervous...

because today is the Aramco Houston Half Marathon!
  My first half marathon.  My husband's first half marathon.  It's also our 7 year anniversary! 
 I am awake and it's 2:50a.m and I am TOTALLY running on nerves!  I'm anxious, excited, terrified, proud, and so many other emotions wrapped into one!

The Olympic Trials took place yesterday and being there as those elite athletes crossed the finish line was AMAZING.
 I've trained hard, probably could have trained A LOT harder.  My boys trained along with me and pushed me along the way!  After all, they are our motivation.  We will show them that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  They can do anything they put their minds to.  Look where Mommy and Daddy started...overweight, unhealthy and back then, probably could not run a mile if you paid them.  And now 13.1?  CRAZY.
This is what the boys looked like after our last run two days ago!  Woohoo...they were POOPED!

So, all that's left to do is prepare, drink my cup of coffee, calm myself down...and get dressed in my race day outfit!  Yikes.  Is this day really here?  Woohoo.  

As I cross that finish line, so many emotions will be going through me.  Happiness and determination is what will bring me there.  

I will push myself for all of those times in my life where I had little or no self-confidence, those times where I felt alone or afraid, those times where I felt helpless before I lost the weight and gained my life back, I will push for all of those people needing to find encouragement to start THEIR journey, I will push for my boys, I will push for my husband, but most importantly for myself-to know that I've set a goal and REACHED that goal!  Bring It On!

Here we come, baby!


Our Family of Four said...

You got this! Happy Anniversary!

Angie said...

Happpy Anniversary Love!
You have achieved so much, this my friend is a piece of cake for you :)

Tara said...

Now following you from the Wednesday Blog Hop! Feel free and follow back at :)