Sunday, January 22, 2012

we're back!

I think The McClellen's win the award for trying to 
CRAM a whole lotta milestones into a few, short weeks!

Let's break it down, shall we?
1. Celebrate our seven year anniversary 1/15/12
2. Get the keys to our new, forever home 1/14/12
3. Complete our first half marathon 1/15/12
4. Move into our home 1/16/12
5. Celebrate my 32nd birthday 1/21/12
6. and finally to end the CHAOS, we managed to take the boys to MONSTER JAM!!!

We didn't know until we arrived, but we had FRONT ROW SEATS! 
 The boys were super excited and screamed every time a truck flipped!  It was pretty cool!

We had pit passes to "meet" the trucks and drives before the show and we HAD to stand in line for EVERY you can see by the autographs on their shirts!  I have better pics on my big camera, so I'll share those as soon as I find my camera case in one of these boxes!  Ha!

It was little man's first visit to Monster Jam and he LOVED it!  
He stayed awake and excited until Grave Digger ended the show at 10:30!  
Woo, it was a late night but totally worth it :-)

And finally tonight, Daddy and I will be able to have our date night to celebrate our belated anniversary and my birthday!  We plan on going somewhere nice, 
so I better get dressed and unpack some boxes before we go!


Angie said...

Geeze, you folks have been busy bees! Lots of wondeful things going on in your lives right now. Enjoy & cherish every single one of them.

We LOVE Monster Jam!!!! We haven't been in a few years but I was telling hubby just the other day that we need to get some tickets :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

TV's Take said...

WOW! I don't know how you did it. How was date night? Any pics of su casa?

cooperl788 said...

What a fun night with the kids! How fun that you guys all got front row seats - it's the kind of night that the boys will probably talk about for a long time to come :)Happy anniversary!

Hanna said...

How fun - we were at the Monster Jam the same night & had pit passes, too! Wish we would have known, we could have met face to face!! LOL

Glad y'all had fun - we had a blast, too!

M.O.T.B said...

My boys would be so jealous! they would love love love that! Happy Birthday!

Our Family of Four said...

Happy belated birthday to you! So glad you guys got to make it to monster jam and get good seats! I bet the boys had a blast!

Tammy said...

What a week you have had!! WOW!

It looks like they had such fun! Love seeing those smiles!

Happy Birthday!! I hope your date night is super fun!

Mama Hen said...

First, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary! Next, congratualtions on your beautiful forever home. I wish you all the best my friend. And yippeeeeeee for your first half marathon! It has been very busy for you, but so wonderful! Celebrate my friend! Have a great day!

Mama Hen

Hattie said...

We're thinking of taking the boys next year to the monster trucks when Evan is a little older! Y'all had great seats!!! Happy Birthday too!!! Hope you get a minute to celebrate and rest!!!

Sara said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!

Sally said...

It looks like you are busy in a good way! I'm following from the Welcome Wednesday, I'd love you to come by my blog & follow along too! I'm also hosting my first giveaway...enter to win a free My Memories Digital Scrapbooking Program!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

You really have been busy! Happy belated birthday AND anniversary!