Friday, July 27, 2012

the big catch!

Since we bought the travel trailer, these boys have become quite the outdoorsmen!

They love to go fishing and luckily we've found a great spot not far from our house!  With his first cast, Jake caught this the other evening!  He was yelling and running with excitement and almost lost him!  Daddy helped him reel it in and then he stopped to take a picture with his BIG CATCH before releasing him back into the water!
That evening has followed by fishing EVERY evening!  Think we've found something he sure loves!  And Justin, our little man even caught a fish with big brother and Daddy's help!  Now that football practice begins on Monday, we'll have to save fishing for the weekends!  Ah, I'm such a proud Momma!!


Annette said...

Oh Marissa, you definitely have so many reasons to be proud. Your boys have such great role models in their lives and you're giving them such great experiences. (My dad used to take me fishing all the time when I was little. I want my little boy to grow up with the same love for fishing and the outdoors, too.) Enjoy your weekend fishing trips!

Sara said...

They must have been so excited!! I can imagine that you all will be fishing alot now!