Monday, July 9, 2012

the week!

The week so far...
started off yesterday with a trip to the ER!  
Oh yes, Justin-our little guy was playing with some of his buddies, they were jumping around and acting silly and his friend, Hudson landed on top of him...after it happened, his arm went limp and he would scream every few seconds and would NOT let us touch it.  
We took him to the local urgent care/ER and they immediately ordered x-ray, and told us he probably broke it at the wrist...oh yes, I was FLIPPING out!  
Then during x-ray they turned his wrist/hand to get the shot and all of a sudden I heard a snap, he just stopped screaming and used the injured arm to open the door!  Uh yea!  The only reason I knew that he actually dislocated his elbow was because when Jake was 3, he did the SAME THING to the SAME ARM!!!!  I'm serious folks, I couldn't make that up!  
But I'm happy to say he's doing great today and I know these boys will probably have many more ER visits in the future...unfortunately!

mowing with Daddy!  Yep, they each have a lawnmower like their Daddy!

BBQ with my boys at a local place that has delicious smoked turkey & chopped beef!  Mmmm!  Blury pic!

and as always, lots of evening golf cart rides :-)


Our Family of Four said...

Oh my goodness.. I would have totally been freaking out!! Good thing he's okay now.

Altair Astor said...

Good to know your son is doing ok now. They look so cute helping their dad with mini lawn mowers! :) stopping by from the hop and your new follower via GFC. Would love if you can check out and hopefully follow :)my blog!

That Chief's First Lady

Sara said...

Poor Justin! Thankfully it snapped back in place and he didn't break his arm or wrist. Boys will be boys :-)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

That sounds like an eventful ER visit! Glad he's okay!