Sunday, October 14, 2012


We went to Jellystone-Lone Star Yogi, our favorite place!  
They have super fun Halloween festivities and we did not want to miss out!  

My husband's best friend since childhood and his family were there and some other friends too!
There was a pretty big group of us so there was never a dull moment and it was LOTS of spooky fun! 

We've become great friends with The Lucas Family so of course the boys had a blast together :)  

...and this is what I get when I ask the boys to smile for a picture after they did the slide!  
Yea, swimming in October-kinda crazy but the temperature was 89!  They heat the pools for this Halloween event but obviously that wasn't needed!  LOL!

Have you ever met Captain America and HULK?? 
Neither of these boys would wear their masks, but ya get the idea!

The campsites go NUTS with decorations!  We thought we had quite a bit, but turns out we had NOTHING!  These people spend hours setting up their site with music, fog, strobe lights, goblins and ghosts...some of these were really cool!!  At dark, all of the kids go's one of the coolest sites we saw,

The mom's took the kids trick or treating while the Dad's stayed behind to pass out candy :) at least that's how we did it!  This picture makes me laugh because the kiddos in the background look like they want SO badly to be in this pic, if I would have paid attention, I would have called them over.

Goofy boys :)

all of these skeleton's below looked pretty tough but then all of a sudden they stopped, the music turned up and they all broke into dance, we were all laughing and yelling for them!  They started with Gangnam Star then it was Wobble and The Soulja Boy-it was an entire family, kids-grandkids-all of them dancing!!!  It was awesome!!!  

Our superhero pumpkin!  
Pretty good for a butter knife, eh??


The Roaches... said...

Love it! Looks like it was very entertaining and fun!! :-)

Our Family of Four said...

So fun! We have yet to make it out that way, but we sure need to quick!

Sara said...

Looks like so much fun!! You guys always go on the best adventures!