Monday, October 29, 2012

proud Momma and WE GOT BOOED!!

This past weekend was my son's school carnival and fun run!  I was on the fun run committee and I was very pleased with how everything turned out!  I was a super proud wife and Momma of these two...

 Brandon placed 4th in his age group at a 7:41 avg pace!  GO BRANDON!!!  And Jake ran a 10 minute mile for the 1 mile race!  He placed 6th in his age group, however there were a few invalid results which probably put him more like 3rd or 4th place :)  I'm VERY proud of both of these guys...running hard and staying healthy!!!  There was a pretty big turn out and I think all of the kids and adults had a great time!

Now that both of my boys are well, after being struck with the yucky fever bug, 
we had a knock at our door but nobody was there!!!  WE GOT BOOED!!!!!!  
How cute is THIS??  The boys thought it was an early Christmas over these little things!
They were screaming and yelling, who gave this to us?  How'd we get this?  Is all this cool stuff for US??
 LOL hilarious!

Now it's our turn to pass this on to some lucky prepared guys, it just might come to YOU!!!!


Tesha Vann said...

How sweet of your friends to Boo you!
Also congrats on the race and doing such a great job.
Thanks for stopping by last week. Definitely getting back into the swing of things...

Hanna said...

We Boo in the office every year and it's a lot of fun - after it starts it's only a couple of days and the entire floor is spooky looking!! :)

Our Family of Four said...

Way to go boys!!

Annette said...

Congratulations on the race and on getting "booed." What a super cute gift!