Monday, October 22, 2012

random pics from the week!

As usual, lots of fishing!  Seriously this fish is as big as he is!  
He was screaming and jumping up and down and almost lost the fish from excitement!!!  

Jake looks like a deer-in-headlights because his fish jumped at him while we were trying to take a pic...hahaha!  hilarious!  He caught this big one right after Justin, so needless to say they were pumped up and running around SO proud of themselves!!  quite the fishermen!!!

Meet Molly :)
 She's our 9 month old newest family member as of this evening!  After much discussion and the boys BEGGING, we've decided to "adopt her" from our cousins.  
She's a yellow lab, much like Dixie-our yellow lab that is living back with my Mom because of her age (she's 10) and her closeness to my mom's dog...they couldn't part from each other, so this left our home dogless :( and although a pup is a lot of responsibility, Molly is too beautiful to pass up!  She's potty trained, kennel trained, knows her commands and is a super sweet dog!  

Most importantly, she has the energy to keep up with our family and loves to be outside like two boys that I know :) so while my cousin and her husband begin a new chapter in their lives by moving to Japan this week-He's in the Navy and that's where they will be stationed., we will be extending our family and our home to Molly

and randomly, the famous McClellen goggles!
They are all around my house and of course, we haven't gone swimming in quite a while!
Not sure why the boys love to play with them ??
and not sure why they've ended up on our golf cart Halloween decor-Mr. Skeleton? 

and now there they are on Justin!  
He says these goggles make him a tough guy!  LOL, whatever you say!!
These dollar store goggles have entertained these guys FAR too much lately!!!  sad but true!


Sara said...

Those are some nice sized fish! How exciting! Justin looks so grown up in the goggle pic. Welcome Molly!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Oh gosh the goggles are just hillarious! And good job on the fishies

Hanna said...

Great catches!!! And Molly is a pretty dog - bet the boys are excited about that, too!

It's funny how the smallest, cheapest item - like the goggles or empty boxes - can bring so much entertainment!!

Mama Hen said...

Molly is so adorable! Congratulations! Look at that fish! That is so huge! I hope you are well my friend. Enjoy the new doggie! :)

Mama Hen

Annette said...

Wow, I used to go fishing for years, and I never caught a fish that big!! Of course, where we live, the fish don't get very big either (like my excuse).

I love the goggles. Kids are entertained by the most random things...although, in their case, they are pretty cool...even on Mr. Skeleton! (lol)