Sunday, September 15, 2013


Thanks to Aunt Liz we were able to experience the game AGAIN! And being the first home game against Tennessee, Reliant was CRAZY!!!!!

Lots of pre-game FUN

Are these guys intimidating or what??
Oh there's my man ;) 

Sooooooo much fun! The boys are still running around acting like Watt & Cushing! Loving it ;) 
The highlight for me, although the game was AMAZING and I've almost lost my voice, had to be dancing in my seat to VANILLA ICE at halftime!!!!! "Too cold Too cold"....."word to ya motha"!!!!! 


Angie said...

My daughter literally fell over laughing when I was singing along with Vanilla Ice on the radio. She was all like "Mom I didn't know you could rap" LOL!

Party of Five said...

LOL on the halftime.. can't say I wouldn't be right there with ya! :)

Cute pics and yay for the win.. what a game to be at.