Friday, September 20, 2013

Growing fast!

My big man ready for baseball practice when we realized he was wearing a UT shirt with his Aggies baseball hat! Whoops!! Guess he has a long time before he's gotta make college decisions but at least he's not choosing favorites YET! Ha!!
 That day before school I noticed how my big boy is growing so fast...
He picks out his clothes, insists on his Nike Elite socks and wants to be TOO independent :( but I know he still loves giving me hugs(behind closed doors!) and loves a good snuggle every now and then! 

And this little man...he just keeps us laughing! Acts like he's 12 years old and Mr. Cool with everything he does! 


Party of Five said...

Sometimes I wish we had a pause button in life!

Annette said...

So well said. I want a "pause" button too. I'm noticing that Lewie is becoming more independent too and preferring to spend time with other kids a little more as well...I'll take an extra hug or snuggle any day!