Saturday, September 14, 2013

summertime blues...already?

We soaked up what's left of summer temps last weekend!!! 

And Justin is loving preschool again this year!!! With a lot of his buddies from last year, so he's happy!
pic from Chapel time last week!

I LOVE being at home with this boy during the day! He's hysterical, full of life and will keep you laughing! 

He was SO proud of his hunting outfit so he decided to pose and show off that hilarious personality!

We decided to do the not-greatest-parents idea & meet some friends at Twin Peaks! Where the waitresses wear little clothing eeekk! I know! BUT I had fun with my man and our friends so shhhh it's okay!

And the BEER?! Well I have been really watching my foods and that also means little to no adult beverages SO I hadn't had any alcohol in over a month and decided to go above & beyond and drink THREE of those in the pic plus more back at our friends...
With little carbs in the system, I acted a FOOL! Dancing, singing, and then ending up in the grass! Uh yes....

Guess I won't be drinking for a long while!! Too many college flashbacks! Lol! Hey, we all make mistakes right?! 

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