Sunday, September 1, 2013

Busy FUN

Had to snap a pic of my man mid-week of first grade-week 1. He looks SO grown up to me!!! Ahhhh my baby :( 

And then crazy little man had meet the teacher for his last year of preschool! He is ready for school this year, last year at this time he was clinging to me and wouldn't let go :( 

POOL PARTY FUN for a friends bday was so much fun! It was melt-your-skin hot but the kids had a blast! 

These silly boys!!!!! 

Then baseball practice after the bday, you'd think they'd be tired but NOPE! Jake and his teammate, Scott! They had an awesome practice and it was 100+ degrees out there! Yikes! 

Then it was dinner and hanging out with friends! Geez, writing out our busy day makes me tired!

Photo bomb by the waitress!!!! Funny! 

This girl can hang with the boys like no other! Cuteness! 

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Annette said...

It seems that boys never run out of energy at this age, even in 100 degree heat! Congrats for making it through. It sure did look fun!