Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The week...

Is going great! 1st baseball practice was great! Jake got the hang of the pitching machine and it was all over...awesome hits! Proud of ya, Jake!
Our entertainment at practice! He's hilarious, talking to EVERYONE! Where does he get that from?!! ;) 

We stay entertained in the afternoon's with these two crazies! ALWAYS shirtless, of course!

And sometimes we get lucky and are able to see a free concert in our living room! How lucky are we??? 
It starts with Country and then goes straight to HIP HOP! Just like that...
...oh and back to Country with some Luke Bryan! 
I could watch & laugh ALL NIGHT LONG! 

...and this kid! Singing every word, to every song! 


Jessie said...

Your boys are a riot! I have two myself, just a little younger. Having fun perusing a new blog tonight. Thanks! :)

The Roaches... said...

Your boys are just like their momma! Lol. Looks like there's never a dull moment. :-)