Sunday, August 11, 2013

Back at the lake!

Late night fun with their buddy! And YES that's a towel on my head!!! Told ya, life is better at the lake :)
Yea so we can't get enough!!!
It starts out with silliness like this!
Beautiful sunsets like this...
Having lunch with a view like this...
And if course a little muscle flexin'....
My boy & I headed to the lake!
....and lots of hugs from my man :) 
Yes MeMe, they wore their life jackets!!!
Loving on Molly!!! 

The drought has caused the water to DROP A LOT just since we had last been here a month ago! BUT still beautiful...
I seriously could pick up & move here!!


Party of Five said...

Hope ya'll are having fun.. we need some rain! It's so hot too!

Annette said...

Wow, I hope you guys get some rain soon. Still, the lake is beautiful!! I love the pic w/ a towel on your head--keepin' it real!! Oh, and your mom sounds just like mine--"Make sure Lewie wears his life jacket."