Thursday, August 15, 2013


Floating the river with friends...
Hanging out where the dam meets the Guadalupe was FREEZING!

Deer everywhere!!
Shopping in FREDERICKSBURG ...I had never been! What a cool place!
Daddy's "beer goggles"....hahaha!!!
Lunch at Fredericksburg Brewery! Very yummy & the beer was soooo good!
Silly kiddos!
The five & dime store was THE most fun! Sooo many cool things from our childhood! Made me think of my grandma A LOT! 
No worries, it's an old fashioned root beer!!! 
Holy moly this place had chocolate dipped EVERYTHING! Twinkies, bananas, bacon-YES bacon! 
....and then a stop in Luckenbach! HOW COOL!!!! 

Yes I'm riding the saddle!!! When in Luckenbach, why not?? 
Exploring at the Lake! 

Molly LOVED swimming in the lake!

Donkeys on the side of the road! 

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