Sunday, August 4, 2013

FRIENDS! and a bee sting

We had a great time with friends today!  Two of my best friends growing up, Kelly and Jenni and their beautiful families!  We had fun checking out their new house and neighborhood, and ate yummy ribs and watermelon!  Mmmmm!
Love watching all these kiddos together! It's fun to see all of our children play, the way we all did as kids!

And we were able to see our friends TWO nights in a row this weekend, hanging out in our neighborhood one evening and then the next in theirs!  Isn't she adorable??!  :)  The boys play so good with her and she sure can hang!  Not the girly girl...she likes to get rough and tough with these crazy boys!!!

OMG!  Poor Molly!!!!  As you can see, she was stung by a bee last week!  She was huge, puffy and covered in hives.  So sad!!  Gave her Benadryl and the swelling immediately went away.  Whew, Molly's all back to normal.  Brandon and I were FREAKING OUT, watching her all puffy and itchy...couldn't believe it did that :(


Angie said...

I've never heard of a dog allergic to bee stings. Poor Molly. Glad she's all better!

Looks like the kids had a blast playing together :)

Party of Five said...

Oh no, glad Molly is okay. Ouch! I worry all the time about freaking bees.. I am so worried with the kids.

My Journey With Candida said...

Awwww... Poor thing. She looks so sad in that first picture.